College...It's coming up!

PARENTS, do you feel this way? Or maybe see yourself not having as tight of a grip??

STUDENTS, try to shake those parents off you. Have your freedom!  You’re an
adult now. The decisions that you make will affect you directly.

Making the choice for COLLEGE is a crucial one.

Too much money is spent, and too many go into severe debt because simple steps
were not taken to make the right choice or choices on post-secondary education (COLLEGE).

Below are links that will guide you through simple steps to consider, regardless of whether
you’re a PARENT or a STUDENT. Following these steps from 9th grade through 12th grade
will allow you to make the best decisions on the right school.

You already have an idea of some ideas of CAREER choices, now let’s find the school that fits you. Following this is the best way to let go of that grasp!


                          Juniors   Seniors