Welcome to possibly the first most important decision
that you're going to make!

A CAREER is a lifelong commitment. Like getting married or having children, it makes a lasting 
effect on your entire life personally and professionally. A job is a set of duties and responsibilities 
in order to get paid. Choosing a CAREER requires some serious

thinking and decision-making but you’re not alone.

Before we begin, do one thing for me…take EVERYTHING out of your mind as much as you can.
 Don’t consider the coolest degrees, the best money made or the easiest degree that is offered in
order to get a job. Don’t even think about the college or university that you’d LIKE to go to.
Choosing a college is down the road.

Having those preconceived thoughts will greatly hinder your opportunity to make the right choice.
So take some time (about 30 minutes each) to seriously consider the following steps in order
to choose the best CAREER for you: