About The Hope Chest...

A “chest” of hope filled with what you need to start your journey of doing what you
like, getting better at what you're good at and fitting it all into who YOU are as a person!

I was inspired to start this website after having collected a "Hope File" over the past 3 years of working as a college representative for a school in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Who would have thought that a person’s gift-of-gab would actually be useful in a career?! Not only did I find a great fit, but I found out that I’ve changed some lives and added incorporation where there wasn’t any for a lot of high school students.

SO, I started this hope file. It’s a basic file folder I have in my cabinet FULL of cards, thanks you’s, certificates, emails, pictures, a rock, a “1st place winner!” plastic metal…you get my drift right? Many of these things I hold dear because there was a changing or inspiring moment that kept me going, even when it got tough.